Family Law

Family law is often an area of law that is most difficult because it is charged with emotional and complex legal issues. From divorce and child custody, to grandparent’s rights, paternity and father rights, to pre and post nuptial agreements and the like. Because family means the world to most of us, it is important to protect your family and part of that process is choosing the right attorney for you.

How Do I Choose a Lawyer?

The first thing you should do when choosing a family law attorney, is to ask yourself what exactly you want to accomplish. Part of choosing a lawyer is knowing what you will need from them and what expectations you have. This allows for clear communication and for the development of a good client/attorney relationship.

Some things you may want to consider in order to pinpoint your expectations are:

• How much involvement do you want in your case? If you prefer less communication, then choosing an attorney in a larger firm would be for you as they naturally have less time and more cases. However, if you prefer more communication then a sole practitioner, or an attorney at a smaller firm is probably going to be a better fit.

• Is the case going to be a financial burden for you? If so, you may want to consider using a newer attorney who will have reduced rates, a sole practitioner who may be willing to work out a payment plan for you, or even look into community services depending on the type of family law issue you have.

• What is the most important objective for you? This could be anything from time with your children, to property division, to a speedy divorce, or even a pre-nuptial agreement. Defining your objective allows you to guide your attorney and his or her efforts on your case. For example, your objective could be one that requires a lot of research, writing and appearances. In that case you may want to consider hiring an attorney who has a team to rely on. But if your objective is to merely divide property, then you will want to hire an attorney who can act as a good negotiator on your behalf.

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