What is “Legal Decision Making” in Arizona?

“Legal Decision Making” is now the legal term used in Arizona for Child Custody. When filing with the courts to determine custody, the Judge is more likely to award close to, or an even 50/50 split, unless the other parent is unfit.

Oftentimes when parents file for legal decision making, there can be a lot of animosity between the parents. However, remember that asking for sole (only you) legal decision making without an excellent case to show the other parent is unfit, will only reflect poorly on you as a parent.

The bottom line – The Family Court is a court of equity and is doing what is “fair.” That does not mean equal. The parent that is willing to foster a good relationship with the other parent is often times the more favorable in the eyes of the court. So, before filing an aggressive “sole legal decision making” petition, make sure the other parent really is unfit or this could backfire on you!

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