What Happens to Your Assets if You Don’t Leave a Will?

Talking about the inevitable is a difficult subject. Many times people just get too busy with life or avoid the subject all together. 70% of American adults do not have a will!

If your estate is unprotected upon death, then the state in which you die determines how your estate is to be administered. It has to go somewhere right? The process is called “intestate succession.” And let me assure you, while the laws are written to protect, often times things happen under the state laws that we would never in a million years want to happen.

For example, by drafting a will, you can disinherit that niece who stole from grandma and has destroyed your family’s reputation in Small Town, USA. Without a will, through intestate succession, that niece is still given a piece of the pie. Another example, you really have a close relationship with someone who is not a blood relative. Under a will, that person can be remembered by you. Without a will, that person is never even considered. It comes down to you deciding or the state deciding.

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