Aging and Financial Abuse: What Can Happen and Steps to Prevention

No one wants to think about the aging process, let alone all the dangers associated with advanced age and living in today’s world. Education and planning are the two most important steps to preventing any type of issues in the future. Senior financial abuse scams are a multi-billion dollar industry. This type of abuse not only effects the senior individual, but also their families, their...
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How to Get The Most Out of Your Attorney

Choosing your attorney carefully is important. This choice should be based on several factors when interviewing, including: picking someone you like, who understands you and listens to you, who you can work well with, and someone knowledgeable about the particulars of your matter.  After signing the agreement, most clients hand the case off to the attorney and hope for the best. Today’s...
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[video] The Power of Control in Wills and Trust Documents

One of the largest differences between a will and a trust is a trust must be funded in order to work. Funding the trust is the process of transferring your assets into the name of the trust so the trust becomes the owner. This is how all of your assets are pooled together for easy administration. Without funding, the trust cannot work effectively. Watch the video to learn...
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Do I Really Need A Will? Horror Stories From The Grave.

We all hear people talk about estate plans and how everyone should have one drafted. But why is a will or a trust so important? Besides, who wants to think about the end of their life? Understandably the topic is a difficult one. But besides the normal warnings about how an estate plan can help you avoid family conflict, probate and estate taxes, I wanted to present a few real-life examples* to...
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I Had A Trust Created, Now What?

You hired an attorney, went through the planning process, made those difficult decisions about who would be trusted and where your assets would go. Now that everything is signed and recorded you are all set right? Not quite.  Before placing that portfolio on the shelf, you still have one major task to complete. It may come as a surprise but most people do not realize that when you go to an...
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What To Do When Someone Dies

Whether you know it is coming and are able to be present when your loved one passes, or whether you get a phone call in the middle of the night, the news of a loved one’s death leaves us feeling empty and everything seems to stop.  The last thing on your mind is a “to-do” list but in actuality there are many things that must be done when someone passes. Below is a list compiled to help you...
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