How to Get The Most Out of Your Attorney

Choosing your attorney carefully is important. This choice should be based on several factors when interviewing, including: picking someone you like, who understands you and listens to you, who you can work well with, and someone knowledgeable about the particulars of your matter.  After signing the agreement, most clients hand the case off to the attorney and hope for the best. Today’s...
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Stepparents Supporting Stepchildren – Is There a Duty?

Combined families are the new norm. Maybe the notion is not new, but the once-called “traditional family” consisting of a married couple living with their own children is becoming obsolete. The traditional family certainly is the minority in the year 2016. With the changes to the family unit, the law also evolves as our laws are intended to protect and support. Most everyone is familiar with the...
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Bankruptcy After Divorce – Why It’s a Bad Idea

When a couple divorces in Arizona, the community property is divided equitably. That means both assets and debts alike. “Equitably” does not necessarily mean “equally” and ultimately the court will make that determination or the parties will come to an agreement. Normally, however, both parties are responsible for a portion of the marital debt. So what happens when one of the parties files for...
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Divorcing? Ask Yourself, Is the Marital Home Really A Prize?

Home is where the heart is . . . at least until it isn’t! In the U.S., divorcing couples fight hard over the marital home. As if being awarded the home in the divorce means you have won. This is certainly not the case in most instances and depending on several factors, you may not want the home. For many couples, the marital home is their largest single asset. But honestly, the home can be a...
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Critical Steps Women Must Take When Preparing For Divorce

I talk with women about divorce on a daily basis. While there is a broad spectrum of how women deal with the emotional side when facing divorce, I have found there is one commonality … the feeling of being overwhelmed. Whether she was the one who initiated or she was blindsided by the news, that one decision brings about tremendous change that shakes the core of women’s lives. It is most...
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