Why would someone need an estate plan?

One thing in life is certain, death comes to us all. While none of us like to think about dying, the fact is that improper or no planning leads to family disputes, assets going into the wrong hands, long court litigations, large amounts of dollars in federal tax and not to mention all those fees spent on probate. Having an estate plan is the best way to ensure your wishes are adhered to, and the...
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Estate Planning Is Only Useful When You Have A Plan!

Most people tend to think that estate planning is for the wealthy or for the elderly. This is a serious falsehood. No matter your stage in life or the amount of your accumulated wealth, estate planning is an essential tool. Because state law does not mandate estate plans like they do insurance in some instances, people forget to utilize this helpful set of documents. When something is not...
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9 Life Changes That Require An Estate Plan Review

Updating your estate plan is probably something you don’t think about too often. It actually is probably the last thing you think about, but when it matters, it is the most important thing. As painful as it is to consider, estate plans are critical. If anything happens to you, it’s important to know your loved ones are taken care of and your wishes are honored. Throughout life, those...
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What Happens to Your Assets if You Don’t Leave a Will?

Talking about the inevitable is a difficult subject. Many times people just get too busy with life or avoid the subject all together. 70% of American adults do not have a will! If your estate is unprotected upon death, then the state in which you die determines how your estate is to be administered. It has to go somewhere right? The process is called “intestate succession.” And let me assure...
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How well do you trust your family?

Take the guess work out of that question by building an estate plan. When you have a trust in place, there are fiduciary duties that come along with the placement of that trust. This helps to ensure not only that your wishes are adhered to, but it has the ability to keep your assets private by avoiding probate. Probate is the legal process of administering the estate once a person has died....
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Speaking From the Grave

It is a truth of life that we are all born, we live, then we die. It is the circle of life. But what if I told you that you could have a voice beyond your life span? You could help the people you love even after you die. You could, in a sense, live indefinitely. This is not science fiction, this is reality and easily done by using a revocable trust. Revocable living trusts function like...
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